Privacy Policy

We Collect Personal Information… Why:

We collect personal information in order to do business in the best way possible. Having your information such as your name, current address, phone number, even social media IDs and vehicle information helps us to answer inquiries about our services or even fulfill your requests for services. We ask for your email so that it is easier for us to coordinate and communicate with you and ensure you're satisfied with our service, resolving any issues that may arise. We also collect IP addresses, and other wide spectrum collection options, such as cookies to help us maintain our site, ensure your account works properly and/or to give you technical support. Ultimately, that information is intended to make your browsing experience more enjoyable and hassle free.

Safe and Secure

Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati takes all reasonable means to keep all of your information safe. Your information is kept on a secure server that only authorized employees can access. More importantly, we don't share your information unless you give us permission, which includes sharing information with third parties. When we do share with a third party, we only share with the associated companies that you accept so that you can hear about new services from us or them.

Opting Out and Opting In

You have the choice as to what information you share with us. When you fill out forms on our site, you can opt out from information sharing. If you do say yes, you can always opt out after the fact if you change your mind down the road.

We Don't Control Sites We Link to

Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati's website contains links to third party websites which are more often than not our associates. We can only be responsible for the content and material that is on our website. We don't have the ability to control what information they collect or how they keep it secure. When interacting with those third party websites, before you submit any information, read their policy statements.

Updates May Be Necessary

From time to time we will need to update our Privacy Policy. Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati reserves the right to make those updates to our Privacy Policy without notifying you. However, we may post it to our home page so if you have any concerns, check it regularly.