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Get Cash For Your Car or Truck

  How to Junk a Car

Are you one of those people that has a junk car in their yard in Southern Ohio? Maybe your car still runs but it’s just not in that great of shape. Maybe it is complete junk and you can’t do anything with it. If you’re interested in getting that car out of your way and out of your yard you can just call us. We provide cash for cars here at Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati.

  Top Cash For Cars in Cincinnati

If you’re looking to junk a car all you need are the papers for your ownership. If you choose to work with us we’ll actually come pick up the car for you and we’ll give you a quote for your car before we even see it. We don’t care about condition. Junk cars are actually our specialty. So give us a call at Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati and junk your car the quick and easy way. Even better, get the best price possible from us, guaranteed.

   Junk Car Removal

We take all the hassle out of unloading your unwanted car. Safe, secure, and swift, our commitment to service is unmatched. Remember this is our livelihood here at Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati. When our clients are happy, business thrives. We respect your privacy, as well as your time. Why take chances on someone else?

  We Buy Any Car

You only need to pick up the phone and call. We will do all the legwork, while you relax at home counting your cash payment. We strive for same day service. You can have cash in your hand by tonight. Call us now at Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati!

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What Type of Cars Do We Accept

  1. We accept all makes and models 
  2. We accepting running and non-running cars 
  3. We accept junk cars, wrecked cars, clunkers, and unused cars

We accept all cars. Give us a call today and see what price we can give you for your old clunker.

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Why Sell Sell Car For Cash Cincinnati Your Clunker

We will give you an estimate right over the phone; we promise it will be a fair rate. Don’t worry if your old car doesn’t work or has been wrecked. We can take it and pay you cold hard cash. One of our reps can even come out to your Southern Ohio location today for same day pick up and you could be a few dollars richer. Contact us today to start getting cash for your old cars.